Piccys of walls.
What it looked like after plasterboard had been removed in one spot 42 KB 01/04/07 09:56:55
Enlarging the opening of the window, with an angle grinder, so 50mm kingspan can go behind it. 55 KB 01/04/07 10:18:17
One new 38mm hole, to accept new pegs. 74 KB 01/04/07 09:56:58
Newly cemented in peg 76 KB 01/04/07 09:57:00
Corridor, with pegs all along it 49 KB 01/04/07 09:57:02
Lounge wall with pegs, and membrane against battens to keep fibreglass off walls 71 KB 01/04/07 09:57:05
Lounge wall before fibreglass is put on, note cemented in mouseproofing mesh at very top 112 KB 02/08/07 16:18:01
Fibreglass on, original battening offered up to new pegs - it mostly fits! Now just need to screw on a new batten up on the ceiling and floor, and fix on, then plasterboard. 98 KB 02/08/07 16:19:46